Our Vision

"Ensure sustainable future for south Binthenna people"

Our Mission

"Provid and ettient disciplined and friendly service through team effort for rational use of human adn physical resources and ensure improve and sustainable economic and social development of people of south binthenna"

History of Padiyathalawa Divisional Secretariat

About 50 years ago, a building with a board bearing the title “Revenue Officer, Bintenna Pattuwe" was at the same place as the Maha Oya Police Station. At that time there was the Binnenapaththawa Revenue Office. At present, the land belonging to the Padiyathalawa Divisional Secretariat was administered by the Revenue Administration Office. Two villages were established in the Maha Oya revenue control division. That is the Binthenna Pattuwa North , the land area of the Maha Oya Divisional Secretariat Division and the land area belonging to the Padiyatalawa Divisional Secretariat Division now Binthenna Pattuwa South.

 Bintenna, which is used to describe the area, may be a word called "Buntenna".The "bun" may have been a degenerate plank, meaning "Bintenna".When inquired as to what had happened, it was possible to find out. The eastern slope of the central hills to Hunnasgiriya through the 18 valley, the ground has been formed simultaneously, when the mountain is cut off. It may have been assumed that the ancient people who had seen the ground or the plains had fallen from the mountain by bunten. As such, Bintenna was not just known as Maha Oya Padiyathalawa As such, Bintenna was not just known as Maha Oya Padiyathalawa.also mahiyangana belongs to ancient Bintenna. During the times of the village council system, the Mahiyanganaya area was named as Bintenna volunteer council. During the Kandyan Kingdom, the Binethenna area belonged to the Kandyan Kingdom.Its ruler was known as Bintenna Disawa. It was considered the flag of the Parachute

By 1819, the Bintenna area belonged to Badulla. This place belonged to the Uva province until 1833 and Bintennna in the Eastern Province in 1833. In 1886, Bintenna was divided into two parts between  Uva Province and Eastern Province. Accordingly, administrated the area west of Maduru-Oya to Uva province and part of East from Maduru- Oya to Easten province. But in East Bintenna or Mahaoya and Padiyathalawa were administered to Uva.

Maha – Oya and Padiyatalawa area, which are considered to be the eastern binthen majority of the Sinhalese, is administrated to the Uva province because of the majority of the Tamils in the eastern province.

Therefore, Bintenne had dual rule at the time. Until 1961, Bintenna (Maha Oya, Padiyathalawa) belonged to the Monaragala district. On April 10of 1961, the Ampara District was started  and binthenna administrated to  the Ampara District. Until 1931, Maha- Oya and Padiyathalawa were one bentheen. In 1931 it was separated as  Bintenna North and South.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
P.S.K.R.Weerakoon 1993.04.01 1997
U.P.Piyadasa 1997  
L.L.Anil Wijesiri 1997  
R.M.K.R.B.Rathnayaka   2009
S.K.Kulathungamudali   2009
K.G.S.Nishantha 2009 2014
A.M.Wikkramarchchi 2015 2016

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